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  • In Six Months, More Than 13 Thousand Cases Of Liquor Smuggling Were Registered, Estimated Annual Turnover Of Rs 500 Crore In The City

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  • Police’s claim is hollow, liquor worth lakhs of rupees is smuggled and sold every day

Despite the imposition of prohibition in the state, the police raid and arrest smugglers with illegal liquor. Illegal liquor business is running rampant in the city. In the last six months, more than 13 thousand cases of liquor smuggling have been registered in different police stations.

According to experts, there is a business of illegal liquor of more than 500 crores annually in the city. On an average, two to three liquor smuggling cases are caught daily in the city. Even though the police department claims to have destroyed the illegal liquor business, the situation on the ground is different.

Even after lakhs of police efforts, illegal liquor worth lakhs of rupees is entered and sold in the city every day. Local people are also afraid to complain to the police due to the fear of bootleggers.

Liquor business is going on indiscriminately in many areas of the city

Illegal liquor business is going on openly in many areas of the city. In the name of action, the police only do mischief. Liquor stalls are running in homes in Pandesara, Udhna, Limbayat, Godadara, Dindoli, Rander and Ichhapore of the city. No action is taken on them. Locals have made a ruckus at the liquor vends and forced the police to take strict action.

Most illegal liquor comes from Daman, police fail

Illegal liquor cases are directly related to Daman. Most of the wine in the city comes from here. The police fail to stop it. If the experts are to be believed, this business is flourishing rapidly due to the connivance of the police and the marginalized people in illegal liquor smuggling. Liquor is smuggled from Daman secretly through cycles, bikes, cars and other means.

On an average, liquor worth two to three lakhs is confiscated.

Police have registered 13288 cases of liquor smuggling in the last 6 months. During this, the police have seized illegal liquor worth crores of rupees. According to the information received from SOG, on an average, illegal liquor worth two to three lakh rupees is confiscated in raids. Police officials say that the amount of liquor seized in the action is ten times more than that of illegal liquor being traded in the city.

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