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  • The Virus Is Not Going Anywhere Now, It Will Become A Seasonal Disease, Only Then We Will Get Rid Of Masks

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Dr Guleria said that the virus is not going anywhere now.

  • AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria said in an online lecture on ‘What we learned from the Kovid-19 epidemic and what we can do’

‘The third wave of corona will prove to be dangerous for children, there is no scientific basis for this. This thing was being said only because by that time most of the adult people would have been vaccinated. According to the study of AIIMS, 50 to 60 percent of children have got Kovid, which was not even detected.

If you look at the study of AIIMS and PGI, even in the third wave, children will have mild infections, but the chances of mortality are very low. This is to say of Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS. He was giving a lecture on Friday on the topic ‘What we learned from the Kovid-19 epidemic and what we can do’ organized by the Department of Microbiology, PU. Dr Guleria said that the virus is not going anywhere now. This online session was presided over by former Dean Science Prof. Prince Sharma.

Dr. Guleria said- If the Kovid protocol is followed, the danger will be reduced in the third wave

  • In Chandigarh, about 70% of the population has been vaccinated and people are also wearing masks. Despite this, if there is a risk of infection, then what is the benefit of vaccination?

No vaccine that has come so far protects us from infection, but it prevents diseases from becoming serious, that is why the vaccine is necessary. Even after vaccination, there is a risk of infection and the vaccinated person can infect others, so wearing a mask is also necessary. Of course, due to the dense population and many shortages in our country, proper distance is not completely possible, but by wearing a mask and keeping hands clean, we can control the infection.

  • When will life be back to normal?

Corona virus is not going anywhere now, it is part of our life. When herd immunity comes, the cases will not increase so much. This will become a seasonal disease, only then will we get rid of masks. When this will happen, can’t be commented on right now.

  • People are worried about secondary bacterial infection regarding Kovid, what will you say?

Not only bacterial but secondary fungal infections are also a matter of concern. The increasing cases of myomycosis are indicative of this. Both types of infections are a matter of concern and this too requires management both at the individual and administrative level. People have taken steroids without a doctor’s advice, without a doctor’s prescription during mild infections and home isolation, which should not happen. Doctors, administration and people have to be careful.

  • Can the Delta Plus variant be called ‘Variants of Concern’?

The Alpha variant was twice as infectious as the earlier Corona variant and the Delta Plus 50% more than this. But there isn’t much data available at the moment to comment on Delta Plus. Nor is it known how dangerous it will be, so at the moment it is not right to call it ‘Variant of Concern’.

  • Mental problems are increasing continuously in children, what do you have to say?

Of course schools are closed and children are not allowed to go out, so these problems are increasing in them. Mental problems have increased in everyone. In the recent past, the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s heart and mind, so work has to be done in the direction of mental health as well.

  • What was learned from the lack of oxygen in the second wave?

New plants of oxygen have been installed and such arrangements are made that next time there is no shortage of it. Apart from this, it is necessary that there should be equal distribution of health facilities in every area. People should know where beds are available.

  • Are people being careless?

Confusion among people about vaccination, low availability of vaccinations, crowds of people going on holidays, some of whom are wearing masks. it’s dangerous. Such people will soon bring the third wave, and may also be the reason for the new variant.

  • What should be done to stop the third wave?

One effort is at the individual level that you do not perform such big functions, do not crowd, which may increase the risk of infection. Be sure to get the vaccine. Follow covid protocol. The second attempt is at the administrative level. Strict monitoring is essential.

There should be strictness in the area where it seems that more than 5 percent corona positive cases are coming. Mini and only area wise lockdown and management is necessary. If there is no crowd, then there will be no risk of spreading infection among themselves.

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