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The claim of safety of passengers proved to be false.

It is no longer safe for the passengers to travel by trains in the Faridabad section. The fearless crooks are escaping easily by snatching and stealing the belongings of passengers from the railway station, giving an open challenge to the RPF and GRP. Half a dozen FIRs of theft registered in the last ten days are exposing the safety of the passengers. Because now the railways is able to run only selected trains. In such a situation, the safety of selected trains is also not being ensured.

Shivam Rajak, a resident of Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh, has said in the FIR that he was going from Delhi to Tikamgarh by Gita Jayanti Express. His seat was reserved in the B-4 coach. They say that when the train started running from Faridabad, then a miscreant jumped from the moving train carrying the bag and fled. 3000 rupees, new clothes, Aadhar card, driving license and other documents were in the bag. On the other hand, the second incident happened with Anjali, a female passenger resident of Mathura. Anjali was traveling from Bharatpur in Dehradun Express. His seat was in S three coach. When the train started leaving the Faridabad station, a miscreant snatched the mobile and jumped from the moving train and escaped. Earlier on July 3 and 4, there were four incidents of theft. The GRP has not been able to disclose a single incident so far.

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