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  • The Shortage Of Teachers In The Schools Of The Committee Has Now Stopped Giving Admission.

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How will Guruji teach?

  • There are only 8 teachers among 780 students

The students of Surat Municipal Corporation’s committee are suffering the loss of not having teachers in the school. It is not that there is any shortage of seats in the school, but due to the shortage of teachers, many schools have stopped giving admission.

Here, the problem is that the government is not giving any instructions for the recruitment of teachers, on the other hand, transfer orders have also been given to the few teachers who are left. Therefore, the teachers who are teaching at the moment may also have to leave at any time. All this is affecting the education of the children.

The corporators of BJP have also come out in the open in this matter. He says that there is discrimination against Hindi speakers. It is not right to play with the future of children. Therefore, teachers should be recruited immediately. Here, parent Sandeep Yadav said that he had gone to get the child admitted to the school. But it was told that the entry is not available yet. But later on asking in another school, it came to know that admission is open.

4 out of 12 were transferred

1032 students study in Samiti’s Hindi medium school numbers 91 and 276. Number 91 The school has only 12 teachers among 780 students. Out of this 4 teachers have been transferred. So now only 8 teachers will work.

School number 276 has 252 students. It has 11 teachers but 3 have been transferred to Ahmedabad. So only 8 teachers will be left. This will put more burden on the teachers. Not only this, after admission in this session, the burden on teachers will increase further.

Take out recruitment but teachers are not available, what to do: Government officials

Government Officer Vimal Desai said that applications are invited from time to time by the government for the recruitment of teachers. But such teachers are not found. Therefore this is the problem. A camp has been kept for recruitment on Thursday. Till now only 4-5 people have been found for Hindi medium in this.

And the problems of teachers may increase

Due to non-recruitment of teachers, now students are not being admitted in the school. The teachers asked how a few teachers would teach such a large number of children. New session is also starting. This is going to make the problem worse. How can so few teachers teach children? Therefore, admission in schools has been closed for the time being.

170 teachers of Hindi medium are currently needed

In the year 2018, the camp was organized for the recruitment of teachers. In this, only 12 teachers had come for the recruitment of 150 posts. Thereafter no recruitment took place. Hence the posts are vacant. 170 teachers are required in Hindi medium.

Other institutions also stopped giving teachers to schools.

Manpa was given teachers from many different institutions. But after Corona, the institutions stopped giving teachers to the committee. Due to this now the problem of shortage of teachers has arisen in the committee.

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