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  • Corona Affected Husband Is Counting His Last Breath, Wants To Become A Mother With His Sperm; Give Me Permission, The High Court Said It Is Allowed

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The matter came up for hearing before the Gujarat High Court on Tuesday.

‘My husband is on his deathbed. I want to get motherly happiness from her sperm, but the medical law does not allow it. As the last sign of our love, please give me her sperm as a part of my husband. Doctors say that my husband has very little time. He is on ventilator.

When the matter came up for hearing before the Gujarat High Court on Tuesday, the two-member bench was stunned for a moment. In this case the woman was allowed to take the husband’s sperm for wish fulfillment as the ultimate symbol of her love, as a confluence of the culmination of love and the greatness of the law. The case is about a couple from Gujarat, who got married in October 2020.

Presenting the words of the victim’s wife… The doctors had flatly refused to give sperm without the approval of the husband, calling it a medico legal case. We got acquainted with each other 4 years ago in Canada. We got married there in October 2020. Four months after my marriage, I got the news that my father-in-law living in India had suffered a heart attack.

Corona affected husband reached inactive state
In February 2021, I returned home with my husband so that we can serve him. We both started taking care of them. During this time my husband got corona. He got treatment but from May 10, due to critical health, he was admitted to a private hospital in Vadodara. His health continued to decline. The lungs have also become infected and have reached a dormant state.

My husband is struggling with life on ventilator for two months. Three days ago, doctors called me and my mother-in-law and told that there was little room for improvement in my husband’s health. The condition is such that they only have a maximum of three days of life. We were all stunned on hearing this. I held myself and told the doctor that I wanted to have motherhood with my husband’s share. For this their sperm is needed.

Nilay Patel, the lawyer of the woman who applied in the High Court.

Nilay Patel, the lawyer of the woman who applied in the High Court.

Doctors said – your husband has only 24 hours of breath left
However, the doctors expressed respect for our love and said that according to the Medico Legal Act, a sperm sample cannot be taken without the approval of the husband. I requested a lot but the doctors refused to give sperm citing the law, expressing their inability. I did not give up. I also got the support of my mother-in-law. All three of us decided to approach the Gujarat High Court. When we were preparing to go to the High Court, the doctors said that your husband has only 24 hours of breathing left. We filed a petition in the High Court on Monday evening and requested for urgent hearing on the second day.

When the matter reached for hearing on Tuesday before a two-member bench of the High Court, the bench was also shocked for a moment. Judgment was given after 15 minutes but here in the hospital still saying that we are studying the court’s decision.

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