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Ranchi University got a big success on Thursday. The way for academic and infrastructure development of JN College has been cleared. HEC has done the demarcation by giving 10 acres of land on lease to JN College. Also, stones have been installed. As the college does not have its own land, the work is being carried out on the infrastructure provided 46 years ago.

Now the college will get better grading in evaluation from NAAC. DR-cum-Communication Officer Dr. Pritam Kumar said that now new courses can be started in the college as per the demand of the time, because after getting the consent of HEC, the obstacle in the construction has been removed.

Facilities for 6000 students will increase

College established in 1972

Efforts for land started from 1975

The college has got B grade from NAAC, now if infrastructure is built, there will be better grading

Attempts were being made since 1975
In 1975, the college sent a proposal for land to RS Mandal, the then VC of Ranchi University. Mandal’s term ended in November 1975. After that VC Dr. AK Dhan tried. Ultimately VC Dr. Kamini Kumar was successful in getting the land.

Students grow, infrastructure does not : The college did not have its own land, but the number of students kept increasing. Infrastructure did not increase. There is no grant from UGC and state government, because this college had its own land. It was being ignored for 46 years.

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