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Faridabad. Doctors and staff present in the medical workshop.

The workshop was organized to train the hospital staff in view of the possible third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was organized jointly by Sarvodaya Hospital and Sarvodaya Nursing Institute for NICU and PICU staff. This workshop was done at Sarvodaya Hospital Sector 8. Hospital staff and teachers of Sarvodaya Nursing Institute participated in this. The keynote speakers in the workshop were Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Chairman, Sarvodaya Health Care, and Dr. VR Gupta, Group Medical Director.

He said that the main objective of this workshop was to train the hospital staff for the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this, especially the medical staff working in the children’s department, in which NICU and PICU staff were prominent. Because of the technical changes related to the treatment of children and to train them about better treatment even if there are more patients in any epidemic. In this workshop, emphasis was laid on doing the documentation coming under High Risk Management, Drug Dose Management and Pediatric Department in a more systematic manner.

Dr. Rakesh Gupta said that after the last 2 waves of corona, continuous changes have been made in the methodology so that corona patients can get better treatment. He said that now many adult people have taken the vaccine, so efforts are being made that those who have not been vaccinated, especially children, can get better treatment if Corona catches them in future. For this, such workshops are being organized regularly.

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