World’s tallest sandcastle built in Denmark now holds the new Guinness World Records. The sandcastle standing at 21.6 metres high (69.4 feet) is 3.5 meter taller than the one built in Germany in 2019 that held the previous world record of 17.66 metres.

The sandcastle has been built with 4,860 tonnes of sand in the small seaside town of Blokhus. The town is in North Jutland, Denmark. The town was originally named Hune Hvarre. The town reportedly gets approximately 1 million visitors per year.

Tallest sandcastle in Denmark

• World’s tallest sandcastle in Denmark is 21.6 metres high (69.4 feet) and built up with 4,860 tonnes of sand. The sandcastle is 3.5 meter taller than the one built in Germany in 2019.

• World’s 30 best sand sculptors under the guidance of Dutch artist Wilfred Stijger are behind the world’s tallest sandcastle.

• Stijger wanted this sandcastle to be built with an aim to represent the power of coronavirus over the world, hence, he put a crown atop the sandcastle.

How is the sandcastle standing?

• The sandcastle has been built in the shape of a triangle to avoid it from crumbling down. A wooden structure around the sandcastle helped the artists to carve figures on it.

• The sand used comprises 10 per cent clay and a layer of glue to make it sturdy during the autumn and winter. The sandcastle is expected to stand likely till February or March 2022.

Germany’s tallest sandcastle

• Till now, the world’s tallest sandcastle stood in Binz, Germany measuring 17.65 metres (57ft 11in).

• The sandcastle was built by a team of 12 sculptors and 8 technicians from Russia, Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Holland under the guidance of Thomas van den Dungen, a sand sculptor who has been part of three successful Guinness World Records.


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