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  • Young Man Dies Due To Non availability Of Treatment Due To Doctors’ Strike, Sisters Said, ‘Now Who Will Tie Rakhi’

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Rahul was the only brother of two sisters.

Just 15 days before Rakshabandhan, two sisters lost their only brother in Vadodara city. Actually, the cause of death of the young man was not getting timely treatment. The young man injured in the accident was brought from Vadodara to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, but the doctors were on strike here and due to this the young man was sent back to Vadodara and admitted to a private hospital, due to this delay he lost his life.

Due to a fall from the bike, there was a serious injury to the head.

He had suffered a serious head injury due to a fall from the bike.

According to the information received, Rahul Jadav, who lives in Fateganj, Vadodara, was going on a bike with a friend. During this, due to the slip of the bike, Rahul fell down and suffered a serious head injury. Rahul was taken to Sayaji Hospital. But due to the serious condition of Rahul, the doctors had asked him to take him to the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

When Rahul was brought to Ahmedabad by ambulance, after coming here, he came to know that the doctors were on strike. Due to this, Rahul was taken back to Vadodara and admitted to a private hospital. Where he died on Sunday evening.

Doctors' strike in Ahmedabad could not get treatment.

Doctors’ strike in Ahmedabad could not get treatment.

Death due to negligence of doctors
Vishal Parmar, cousin of the deceased youth, said, “My brother died due to non-availability of timely treatment due to doctors’ strike. First, no doctor in Sayaji Hospital was ready to treat him. Then we handed him over to Ahmedabad Civil We took him to the hospital, where he was admitted, but there was no doctor. So we brought him to Vadodara, where he died during treatment.

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