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Police officer giving information about the arrested accused.

The Commissionerate Police has arrested a youth along with intoxicating vaccines. He was caught near the railway station while buying vaccines from someone. On inquiry it was found that he ATM Cheating people by changing cards. Then withdrawing money from his account buys vaccines for himself. Police searched his whereabouts and searched 28 different banks. ATM The cards have been recovered. A case has been registered against him and interrogation is going on.

ATM card recovered from the accused.

ATM card recovered from the accused.

First caught with 8 intoxicants

ADCP Jagjit Singh says SI headed by mukesh kumar ASI Satpal Singh’s team overpowered a person during checking on Damoria bridge. When the said person Rajkumar alias Raj resident Upkar Nagar was searched, 8 intoxicating vaccines were found from his possession. Police registered a case against him and arrested him.

Said in enquiry – Whoever has trouble in the ATM, I change the card on the pretext of helping

When the police questioned him, he told that he ATM Commits fraud by changing the card. He goes to the ATM and if anyone does not come to withdraw money or if there is any problem then he goes for help. Then he takes their card and fills the code in front of him and then changes the card and hands it. Then he withdraws money from some other ATM and gets intoxicated by buying drugs from someone near the railway station. Police recovered ATM cards of different banks from him. After interrogation, 4 more cases of cheating have been traced by changing the ATM card from the accused.

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