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A youth was shot dead in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh late on Friday night. Police is investigating after registering a case of murder. -symbolic photo

A youth was shot dead in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh late on Friday night. The incident took place when two youths were drinking alcohol while sitting together. The incident came to light on Saturday morning. The police arrested the accomplice who was drinking alcohol while sitting with the deceased. Although he says that the bullet was fired by mistake, but the police have started further investigation by registering a case under section 302.

The matter is of Janed village of Thana Sadar area of ​​district headquarter Mandi. According to the information received, Devendra and Suresh Kumar are residents of this village and also work together. On Friday, both of them started drinking alcohol from noon and after that they went hunting towards the forest with a gun. Both were drinking alcohol while sitting in the car in the courtyard of the Zened school till late night. Something happened between the two that Devendra Kumar was shot and he died on the spot. Due to fear, Suresh did not inform anyone about it throughout the night and in the morning when people saw the dead body in the school premises, they informed the police.

When the police came to the spot and started interrogation by taking Suresh into custody, he told in the initial interrogation that he had accidentally fired. After firing, he hid the gun in the bushes of the adjacent drain from where the police recovered it.

SP Mandi Shalini Agnihotri said that in the preliminary investigation it has been found that the gun does not belong to either of the two. It belongs to someone else and whoever it is, is also being investigated. At the same time, it is also being ascertained whether he had a gun license or not, he said that further action is being implemented in the matter.

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