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  • Banners In Societies Leaders Can Take Out A Rally For Blessings, Then Why Not Visit Bappa, Who Gives Blessings

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Banners demanding Ganesh festival have been put up in many societies of Golwad of Mahidharpura.

  • People started demanding to remove the ban, the mayor said – it is under consideration

Ganesh Utsav is scheduled to start from 10th September. Due to Corona, the government has banned big events and allowed only 4 feet high statues to be installed. Now people have intensified the demand to remove the restrictions imposed on Ganesh festival. Poster-banners have been put up in many areas of the city demanding this. By giving a memorandum to the collector, a demand has been made to remove the restrictions. After different posts on social media, banners have been put up at different places in Golwad of Mahidharpura regarding Ganeshotsav.

People say that political events are being allowed to gather crowds and religious gatherings have been banned. If permission is not given to celebrate Ganeshotsav and Navratri festival, soon banners of “No Vote” will also be put up. Political parties do not follow policy and rules in their campaign. Why are restrictions being imposed on the social and religious programs of the general public? There is a demand of the people that the government should allow Ganesh festival to be celebrated openly.
When everything is on, the ban on the festival is not right.
Bajrang Dal’s South Gujarat security chief Devi Prasad Dubey said that when everything has started then it is not right to restrain the installation and immersion of the idol of God. The government should allow the idols to be immersed in the sea or large water bodies instead of small places, because that is the law.

Before Corona, 60 thousand idols were installed on Ganesh festival

Before the Corona period, more than 60 thousand idols were installed in the city on Ganesh festival. There were 10000 big idols in them, which needed to be immersed in the sea. Apart from this, about 50,000 small Ganesh idols were immersed in artificial ponds and societies. According to experts, the business of more than 30 crores was done in this 10-day event.

On Saturday, AAP had also demanded the collector to remove the ban.

Earlier, the youth wing of the Aam Aadmi Party had on Saturday submitted a memorandum to Collector Ayush Oak demanding removal of the ban on Ganesh festival. It was said in the memorandum that Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival related to the faith of the people. The ban on this should be removed. Leaders are allowed for Jan Ashirwad Yatra, then why are rules and regulations made for the God who gives blessings.

Our public representative said – the situation is not such that permission should be sought for the festival

Discussions on the issue of Ganesh Utsav are going on with municipal officials

^ Discussions are being held with the officials of the Municipal Corporation for Ganesh Utsav. Thinking is going on whether positive decisions can be taken. People’s feelings are taken care of but safety is also necessary. If there is a possibility of some changes, then it can be taken keeping in mind the guidelines of the state government.

Fear of third wave, so can’t take any risk right now

People can gather in any program only according to the guidelines of the government. If there is more crowd then it will be difficult to stop people. It is also a challenge for the administration. There is a possibility of a third wave of corona, so such a risk cannot be taken.
Arvind Rana, MLA, Surat East
-Hemali Boghawala, Mayor, Surat

Right now the situation is not such that it should ask permission from the government for the festival.

Right now there is no such situation that permission should be sought from the state government for Ganeshotsav. If permission is granted, a crowd of lakhs can gather. This will make the situation worse. Among the programs about which allegations are being made, there is no such political program in which more than 400 people have gathered. There were not many people in the program of Darshana.Vinu Moradia, MLA, Katargam

The government has taken such a decision only in view of the current situation.

The government is keeping an eye on the situation. The decision is taken as the circumstances arise. There is nothing like demanding from the government on the issue of Ganesh Utsav. Whatever decision the government has taken, it must have been taken thoughtfully. -Jhankhana Patel, MLA Charyasi

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