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  • In Jalandhar, Minor Daughter Absconded With The Youth After Feeding Her Mother With The Medicine, Took The Mobile Along With Her.

Jalandhar6 hours ago

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The police has started the process of tracing the location of the absconding youth and minor. – symbolic photo

In Jalandhar, a 14-year-old girl was so caught in the guise of a young man that she gave her mother a drug of sedation mixed with food. After that she ran away with the young man. It was discovered when the mother broke her sleep in the morning. She immediately informed her husband about it. Then it came to know that she had also taken the touch screen mobile of the mother. On the complaint of the father, the police have registered a case of kidnapping of a minor against one of the accused.

Mother said – both slept after having food, then there was no peace

The father told that his wife and 14-year-old daughter slept in the same room after the work of the shop was over at night. When his wife returned to the second house in the morning, she told that at around 9.30 pm, both of them slept in the room after having dinner. After that he had no concern. When he opened his eyes at around 7 in the morning, he could not find the daughter in the room. After which asked the neighbors but they also refused to see. Then even after searching the relatives here, the daughter was not found. He expressed suspicion that a youth named Bhajan Mani had taken away his daughter on the pretext of marriage. The police registered a case against the accused and started tracing their location from mobile.


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