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  • This Time The Lowest Rainfall In Five Years Till August In Gujarat, Paddy Planting Decreased By 10 Thousand Hectares, There Is A Possibility Of 10% Loss

AhmedabadOne hour ago

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White fly and less rain can cause 30 to 40% damage to sugarcane crop.

This time Gujarat received the least rain in the last five years. Last year till August 24, the city had received 1175 mm and the district 1060 mm. So far this year, the city has received only 704 mm and the district has received only 610 mm. At the same time, there is less chance of good rains in this season throughout August. Paddy crop has been planted less by 10 thousand hectares due to less rain. There is a possibility of loss of 10 percent crop. On June 25, the district including the city had received more than 5 inches of rain in 22 hours.

1 mm of rain in the city
The city recorded one mm of rain on Saturday. Talking about the district, Bardoli received 9 mm rain, Mahuva and Mandvi 8-8, Umarpara 4 and Kamarez 3 mm. There was no rain in Chauryasi, Mangrol, Olpad, Palsana. Two tehsils of the state, Lakhani and Tharad, have received less than 2 inches of rain. Less than 5 inches of rain has been received in 25 tehsils. Only 4 tehsils have received more than 40 inches of rain.

Maximum temperature dropped by 2 degrees in 2 days
The maximum temperature in the city has dropped by 2 degrees in the last two days. On Saturday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 30.8 degrees, while the minimum temperature was 25.6 degrees. The maximum temperature in Ahmedabad was 33.9 degrees and the minimum was 26.2 degrees. That is, the temperature of summer has decreased as compared to the last two-three days. Yet the people of the city experienced heat and unbearable humidity during the day. In the next three-four days, there is a possibility of rain in the middle of the sun in Ahmedabad, but people may have to face the heat and humidity in the absence of heavy rains.

Sugarcane crop also suffered 10% loss
Gujarat Kisan Samaj chief Jayesh Delad told that this year, the lack of rain can cause a big loss to the farmers of South Gujarat including Surat. There is a danger of sugarcane crop being damaged due to white fly, but the problem has increased due to lack of rain from above.

Sugarcane crop is 80 lakh tonnes in South Gujarat. Whitefly and lack of rain have caused 10% damage. If there is no heavy rain, the loss will reach 30 to 40%. Paddy is grown in 2.20 lakh hectares. This year there has been a decrease of 10 thousand hectares. There will be a loss of 8 to 10% due to less rain.

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