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  • There Was No Electricity At Home, 108 Ambulance Workers Got Delivery Done Under The Light Of Mobile Torch

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In Gojra village of Chauryasi taluka, a pregnant woman was delivered with the light of a mobile torch. This work was done by the employees of 108 ambulances. The good thing is that both the mother and the child are healthy. He has been admitted to the hospital. Actually, there was no electricity at the mother’s house. The head of the newborn had come out. In such a situation, 108 ambulance personnel decided to get the delivery done under the light of mobile torch.

Amarnath, EMT of Navagam Location 108 Ambulance said that at 5:00 am on Wednesday, a call was received from the house of 25-year-old Ashaben in Gojra village of Chauryasi taluka. It turned out that a pregnant woman started having pain. After that the pilot reached the spot with Durgesh Parmar. But due to no electricity at home and the baby’s head coming out, it was decided to do the same delivery.

For this, telephonic contact was made with the doctors of 108 Ambulance Service and delivery was done under their guidance. After delivery, both were brought to the civil hospital where the child has been admitted to the pediatric department and the woman to the gynecological department and treatment has been started. At present, the condition of both is said to be stable.

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