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Saeed Sabatula came to India after fleeing from Afghanistan. Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar (Nauni) of Solan district studies in the University.

An Afghan student who fled from Afghanistan has reached Himachal Pradesh. The student’s name is Saeed Sabtula. He studies in Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar (Nauni) University of Solan district. He told that he somehow reached India in the last flight from Afghanistan to Delhi. The situation in Afghanistan is very dangerous at this time. People are running to other countries to save their lives.

Saeed said that the entire country has been captured by the Taliban. Now everyone is worried about what will happen in the future. Because Taliban keeps restrictions on people. There are 9 members in Saeed’s family and he does not know what will happen to them now. He had gone for a Taliban holiday, but there were still 10 more days left. Before that he somehow came to India.

Taliban fighters gave confidence – no need to fear

Naveen Thakur, stranded in Afghanistan, has spoken to his mother Padma Devi on the phone again. He told that the people of Taliban had come to the Indian embassy. Taliban fighters have assured the people staying there that there is no need to panic. Within 5 to 10 days all the people staying in the embassy will be sent back safely. His mother says that the Taliban may have given assurance of security, but it cannot be believed. Along with Naveen, some people of Dehradun are also stranded there.

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