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Police say that the matter will be clear after the post-mortem report comes.

  • Taking the body in possession, the police sent it for post-mortem

The engineer, originally from Kolkata, died under suspicious circumstances. For four days the body kept decomposing in the rented room. The engineer’s death came to light after a foul smell emanated from the room. The landlord gave information and called the police to the spot. Police informed the relatives of the deceased and sent the body for post-mortem.

Police say the cause of death will be revealed only after the post-mortem. Adarsh ​​Kumar (34), originally a resident of Kolkata, had lost his job in the lockdown, due to which he moved to Kolkata. After coming back to Gurgaon, he got a job as an engineer in Triple X Water Engineering. Adarsh ​​had changed his room on Friday. He shifted to a house in Nathupur. After returning from duty on Friday evening, he locked the room. He hasn’t come out since then. On Monday, there was a foul smell from the engineer’s room. On this the landlord informed the police and called them to the spot. When the police entered the room by breaking the door, the engineer’s body was lying on the floor between the room and the balcony. Police took the body in possession and sent it for post-mortem. Nathupur police station said that the post-mortem of the dead body will be done only after the arrival of the relatives in Gurugram.

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