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  • The Claim Of Money Rain, Doubling The Money And Converting Ordinary Things Into Gold By Special Tantric Action, Caught Three Thugs Living In Gujarat, One Was Working In The Army

Jaipur21 minutes ago

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Kanu Bhai in a white shirt, Mohammad Kamil in the middle and Naresh Giri in a pink T-shirt.

In the name of Tantra-Mantra Vidya, innocent people are being cheated on the pretext of doubling their wealth. Sindhi Camp Police in Jaipur has arrested three such fraudsters. One of the two thugs is from the X Army. The three were staying in a hotel in the Sindhi Camp area in Jaipur. They roam in expensive vehicles and go to different cities and extort money from people in the name of Tantric Vidya. The Sindhi Camp Police Station has arrested the three and confiscated the occult and worship items, and the car with the sticker of the police. The police are interrogating the trio in connection with other cases of cheating. Police is also getting records from Gujarat.

DCP West Pradeep Mohan Sharma said that Naresh Giri son Hemraj Giri resident Gunja Mehsana Gujarat, Mohammad Kamil son Kasim resident Sarkhej Ahmedabad Gujarat and Kanu Bhai Joshi son Keshavlal resident of Banaskantha Gujarat have been arrested. All three tantriks are residents of Gujarat. Came to Jaipur only two days ago. A report was filed against them by Gaurav Singh, a resident of Bhilwara. Gaurav told the police that his acquaintance was tricked by the trio that they knew the art of doubling the rupee through a special technique. If someone gives them money, they double the money with this knowledge. Then the acquaintance gave him 50 thousand rupees. At the behest of the acquaintance, Gaurav also gave him 50 thousand rupees. Both gave him one lakh rupees. If the money was not doubled, then there was a dispute between them first. On demanding the money back, the three miscreants started threatening him. The trio introduced themselves to the Gujarat Police. Then Gaurav went to the police and informed.

Money rain, claim to convert iron and copper things into gold
Sindhicamp SHO Gunjan Soni said that during the investigation it was found that Naresh Giri was earlier in the army. The three arrested thugs are good friends among themselves. All three first take people into confidence. He claims that he is an expert in Tantric learning. After this, people claim to receive money, double the money, convert iron and copper things into gold. After this, go to different cities and meet people in hotels. By making them fall into the trap, they invite them to the hotels itself. Stay with them in the hotel itself. Even from staying in hotels, they take the entire cost of travel and travel from them. Talking about Tantra Vidya, they take money from them. Some days they make false claims to extort money from them. On asking for money, they leave threatening to be in the police.

All three were caught from the hotel

The team of ASI Banwarilal, Head Constable Prakashchand, Badrinarayan, Constable Gangaram, Satveer, Mahipal of Sindhi Camp Police Station reached the hotel. He was introduced to all three in Mehsana in Gujarat. The victim was also paying the expenses of staying in the hotel of the three. All three are staying in the hotel and do the work of cheating people through tantrik lore. The police went to the hotel and questioned all three. On search of the hotel room, green cloth, red cloth, black thread, material along with other police found items used for tantric activities.

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