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A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court against the grant of bail to two accused builders on the condition of payment of Rs 25 lakh compensation by the Sessions Court in the Takshashila fire incident. It will be heard in the coming days. Counsel for the complainant (plaintiff) said that the parents of the deceased students do not want compensation.

Therefore, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court for cancellation of bail of the accused. 22 students were killed in the Takshashila fire. A total of 14 accused were arrested by the Crime Branch in this case. In which the officials of Municipal Corporation and DGVCL were granted bail.

Based on this, the builders had also applied for bail in the court. While hearing the case, the sessions court had granted bail to Savji Paghdal and Ravindra Kahar on the condition of paying compensation. The complainant has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the order of the lower court.

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