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Faridabad. The study was done by collecting the data of road accidents of one year.

The police studied the reports of road accidents in the city during a year. In this, the reasons for the accident were revealed, the main reason for the accident in Neelam Chowk / New Industrial Township, driving in the opposite direction, due to auto and water gathering at Lakhani metro station, absence of red light near Ballabhgarh metro station, police station There are water logging near the inn, bad road in CHC Tigaon and traffic system etc. Now to bring down these accidents, Police Commissioner OP Singh has given necessary instructions to all the station and outpost in-charges.

The Commissioner of Police said that accident prone areas have been identified in the city where maximum number of road accidents take place. Information on the timing and cause of accidents was collected at these places. Accordingly, a road map has been prepared to reduce these accidents in future. The Commissioner of Police has directed the concerned police station and outpost in-charges about the identified places that road accidents happen due to the above reasons. Therefore, proper arrangements should be ensured to reduce accidents. During the time when accidents are more frequent, these accidents can be reduced by installing barricades on the road, by strengthening the traffic system, by posting traffic policemen at proper places, by establishing contact with PWD. In this regard, the police commissioner directed the police officers to prepare a report every month and send it to his office. So that by preparing their records, measures can be ensured to avoid accidents in future.

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