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In this bag was the severed head of the woman.

  • Police raided and arrested the youth
  • The name of the deceased woman was Savita Kumharin (44).

Near Lupungdih of Neemdih police station area, a young man was roaming around with the severed head of a woman who ran away from home 4 years ago. The villagers informed the police about this. Earlier, the youth left the bag and fled from there. After this, the police raided and arrested the youth. The incident happened around 2 pm on Tuesday. The youth has been identified as Gidu Gop (47), a resident of Ugdih. At the same time, the name of the deceased woman was Savita Kumharin (44).

After about 3 hours on the behest of the accused, the body of the woman was recovered from near Pitki Rice Mill. The station in-charge said that the weapon used in the murder has not been recovered. The reason for the murder is also not yet known. Vinod Kumar, the son of the deceased, a resident of Chandil Kumhar Pada, said – 4 years ago, the mother had run away from home. After this she lived at the house of Gidu Gop. The accused was mentally ill. Both used to do drugs together.

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