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Late night, Laljit Sao died in a fight with the brothers.

In Tara village of Jamua police station area, there was a fight between four brothers over ancestral land late on Wednesday night. In this, the middle brother Laljit Sao died. The father had given 3 acres of land in the name of the middle. Since then there was a dispute between the brothers. In a part of this land, Laljit Sao had planted seeds for the cultivation of paddy. The other three brothers refused him but he did not agree. After this, the dispute escalated and in the fight, the brothers killed Laljit Sau. Police have detained two brothers, a nephew and sister-in-law of the deceased.

Ashok Saw, the son of the deceased, told that the three brothers of father Laljit Saw are Khosi Saw, Tribhuvan Saw and Manoj Saw. He was beaten to death by his father’s three brothers and his cousin and aunt. Here, Tribhuvan Sao, Khosi Saw and Manoj Saw told that the ancestral land was registered in his name by my brother Laljit Saw. All brothers have a share on this land. He was hesitant to ask for his share.

Here, police station in-charge Pradeep Kumar Das said that late night there was a fight between both the sides. In this, one person Laljit Sao has died. The body has been sent to Giridih for postmortem. At the same time, four people have been detained in this case. He said that till now no application has been received from any side. As soon as the application is received, action will be taken very soon. The investigation of the matter is going on.

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