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The Municipal Corporation still conducts corona checks of passengers coming from outside at Surat railway station so that the city can be made corona free.

  • Now caution and vigilance are more important, so that we do not get locked again
  • 09 cases in city, 0 cases in rural, 0 deaths, active cases 100+12

After a long wait, the cases of corona in Surat district have been reduced to single digits. For the first time since 13 April 2020, the initial days of the arrival of the corona epidemic, cases have come in single digit in Surat. Whereas for the second time in three days not a single case came in the villager.

There death is also zero. In such a situation, the beauty of Surat can return again provided we follow the guidelines of Kovid-19 more responsibly. According to the Kovid report on Tuesday, only 9 cases were registered in the district. All came under Surat Metropolitan Municipality area.

Apart from this, now only 112 Kovid patients are left in the district. Out of this, only 44 patients are in the hospital. That is, now the number of corona in the entire city is almost non-existent. Surat’s recovery rate stood at 98.44% for the second consecutive day.

Less than 100 cases in the state on the 9th day, only 1 death after 114 days

In Gujarat, new cases of corona came down to less than 100 for the 9th consecutive day. 69 cases were registered on Tuesday. Although this number is 7 more than on Monday. While 208 patients became free from corona disease. Only one patient died in the state after 114 days. Apart from this, cases came in double digits only in Ahmedabad in the state. Also, not a single patient came in 14 districts and one corporation.

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