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  • Provice of Kolhan University, Dr. irresponsible attitude of arun sinha
  • For the first time in KU; When degrees were stopped citing tenure

Graduation passout of Jamshedpur Women’s College About 6 thousand girl students have not got their degree. Because the proviso Dr. Arun Kumar Sinha is not signing. He says that the degrees were done before I took charge. Must have signed the proxy before me. Sinha’s earlier proviso has retired.

This is the first time in KU, when degrees have been raked by referring to their tenure. Whereas before this, the governors have been signing the degrees before their tenure. ProVC on graduation degree and VC sign on PG degree. VC is signing PG degrees. Due to this act of ProVC, such girls are more upset who are doing jobs, or are about to do it. Companies are asking for degrees from girl students.

Degrees stayed from session 2015 to 2017

The degrees to be signed are for the session 2015-17. At that time Dr. Ranjit Prasad Singh was the provincial. But the then principal did not send the proposal to KU to issue the degrees. In 2020 Dr. Shukla became the principal of Mohanty College and signed the degrees and sent them to the university to issue them. Prior to that, Ranjit Kumar Singh had already retired.

He has signed over 100 degrees. Sinha

Pravec Dr. Sinha has signed the degrees of more than 100 girl students for 2015-17. These girl students were invited to the convocation ceremony of the college last year. It was the guest of honor. But after that, when the degrees of other girl students were sent to them, they refused to sign. Actually, this is happening due to the ongoing internal tussle in the university.

This is the rule for issuing degree in women’s college

Jamshedpur Women’s College is Autonomous. Here the college itself prints the degree and the principal and the controller of examination sign it and send it to the university. If the degree is of UG, then it is of private and PG, then the VC signs it. It does not bear the signature of the Controller of Examinations of the University. Whereas Provice Sinha wants the Controller of Examinations of the University to sign the degree, which is completely wrong.

Girls may get trapped

I passed out in 2017. I work in private company in kalkata. The company has asked for a degree. I did not get the degree due to not signing the privacy.

Suman Kumari, student

letter sent to university for degree

theBetween the session 2015-18, the passed out girl students have applied for the degree. Request letter has been sent for early issuance of degrees.
– Dr. Shukla Mohanty, Principal, Women’s College

I will do it as soon as the controller of examination

The duration of this degree is before my joining. The Controller of Examinations has been asked to sign. As soon as he signs, I will do it too.

– Dr. Arun Kumar Sinha, Privacy, KU

I am looking into it myself, will be the solution

The matter has come to our notice. I am watching it myself. The issuance of degree got delayed due to internal reasons. The girls will not have to worry. Solution will come soon.

Oh- Pvt. Gangadhar Panda, Vice Chancellor, KU

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