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Faridabad. Rainiwell supplies water to the city from these.

Due to the negligence of the Electricity Corporation, water crisis has arisen in industrial areas as well as residential areas. There is a water crisis in about one and a half dozen sectors and colonies of the city for two days due to disturbances in the Rainiwell supplying water to the city. Surprisingly, the officials and employees of Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority (FMDA) are busy in rectifying the disturbances but till Tuesday evening the water supply could not be started. In such a situation, people had to work by getting water from private tankers.

On the other hand, more than 350 industries remained closed for 36 hours due to the power supply in the industrial area IMT. Due to the rain, there was a disturbance in the line of Ranivel. Due to this, water supply came to a standstill in many areas since Monday. Due to closure of Rainiwell line, water supply in more than a dozen colonies including Sector 14, 15, 16, 19, 28, 29, 21A, B, C, D, Sector 48 including Dabua Colony, Parvatia Colony, Saran, Jawahar Colony, SGM Nagar Supply stopped. In these areas, water supply comes from line number 6 of Rainiwell. It supplies about 50 MLD of water daily.

FMDA Chief Engineer ND Vashisht says that there was a problem due to power failure in Rainiwell. Work is going on since Monday evening to remove it. Some items have to be imported from outside. He said that many employees under the leadership of the SDO are engaged in rectifying the disturbances. At present, the water supply was not restored till Tuesday evening.

Negligence: The officials did not even inform anyone
Due to the negligence of the officials, water supply has been stopped in more than one and a half dozen areas of the city for two days. But no one was informed about this by the corporation officials. Even the officers kept trying to avoid picking up the phone. It is worth noting that now the work of Rainiwell is being looked after by FMDA while the work of water supply is with the Municipal Corporation. The SE Omveer of the Municipal Corporation says that after the start of Rainiwell, when the water comes on the booster, then the supply will be started.

No electricity for 36 hours in IMT
In the industrial area IMT, there was no electricity for 36 hours due to the negligence of the electricity corporation. Due to this, more than 350 industries came to a standstill. Angered by this, the entrepreneur reached XEN office and demonstrated. Pramod Rana, President of IMT Association said that there are more than 750 units here. Most of the big industries have generator sets but their cost is so much that industries suffer huge losses.

He said that more than 350 industries are medium and small. This industry provides maximum employment. But due to the negligence of the power corporation, the industries are facing huge losses. Rana said that the power supply was snapped since the rains started from midnight on Sunday. Which was interrupted for about 36 hours. The entrepreneurs accused the XEN Urmil Rani of not picking up the phone. So to whom should they tell the problem? On the other hand, SE Naresh Kumar Kakkar says that the problem has arisen due to water filling in the power feeder. This issue will be taken into account in the future.

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