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On Monday night, a Honda City car rammed into Nandgaon Rajwahe near Hulawana village on Bathain road under Kosikalan police station. Due to this, three youths of Palwal district, who were riding in the car, died. On receiving the information of the accident, the UP Police, with the help of villagers, pulled the car out of the Rajwah. Then after breaking his glass, took out the bodies of the three and informed their homes.

According to the information, 35-year-old Veerpal, resident of Dhamaka village of Palwal district, Rakesh, 28, resident of Maheshpur village and Brajesh, 35, were coming from Mathura to Palwal. Meanwhile, his car fell into Rajwah late on Monday night. Due to the auto lock system in the car, it could not be unlocked. The three youths died of drowning due to excessive water content in the Rajwaha. On receiving the information, the police and villagers reached the spot. He pulled the car out of the carriage. Then the three youths trapped in it were pulled out by breaking the glass of the car. They were immediately taken to CHC Kosikalan for first aid, where doctors declared all three dead.

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