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Shimla14 hours ago

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Taking away the glasses, a tourist woman giving ice cream to the monkey sitting on the railing.

The terror of monkeys is increasing continuously in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. They are harassing the tourists by snatching food items from the tourists on Monkey Ridge and Mall Road. Apart from this, some monkeys have also become blackmailers, who snatch their glasses or other items from the hands of the tourists and return them only after giving food items in return. People in other wards of the city are also troubled by the terror of monkeys. It has become difficult for people to keep things outside their homes. People have to put up nets in compulsion.

An incident caught on camera

In a way, people have imprisoned themselves in cages. A case of monkey blackmailing a tourist was caught on camera at Shimla’s Ridge Maidan. A monkey snatched her glasses from the female tourist and climbed on the railing and when the woman asked for glasses, hid them between her hands. For a long time, the woman struggled with the monkey to take off her glasses, but she held the glasses between her hands. At the same time, when the people who came with the female tourist wanted to snatch the glasses from the monkey, he started scaring them.

Had to take back the glasses after giving 50 rupees ice cream

When the monkey did not return the glasses of the woman for a long time, the local people passing by said that first give them something to eat, only then they will return the glasses to you. After this, the woman bought ice cream worth Rs 50 from an adjacent ice cream shop and gave it to the monkey. After this the monkey grabbed the ice cream in his hand and threw the glasses down. The woman took the glasses and left from there.

The monkey sitting on the railing with the glasses of the female tourist.

The monkey sitting on the railing with the glasses of the female tourist.

Many people have lost their lives due to monkey attack

The terror of monkeys in Shimla is such that people have even lost their lives. A few days ago, an incident came to light in Sanjauli, when a monkey pounced on a child and the child fell down from the lantern when he chased away to escape. He was taken to PGI with serious injuries, but he could not be saved. In another ward too, the monkey pounced on the woman who was putting her clothes dry, due to fear, the woman fell down from the lens and died.

More number of monkeys live on Ridge, Mall Road

Shimla’s historic Ridge Maidan and Mall Road attract a large number of tourists. In such a situation, monkeys are also found here, which make tourists their target.

Monkeys bite people reach the hospital every day

Monkeys also attack people. Every day 10 to 15 people reach hospitals with monkey bites, who have to be vaccinated against rabies. Of these, 5 to 7 people are tourists.

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