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Faridabad. Cardiologist Dr. Neeraj Jain said that the heart needs oxygen to function.

Heart patients may be more at risk of delta plus virus. Therefore heart patients should be alert. Experts and scientists have already clarified about the damage caused by it with the possibility of a third wave of corona. This wave will be more contagious and deadly than ever. In the first and second wave of corona, patients already suffering from other diseases have suffered more. These include patients with diabetes, blood pressure, liver, kidney and heart. In such a situation, doctors have advised people to be alert. Dr. Neeraj Jain, cardiologist and medical director of Metro Hospital, said in an awareness seminar organized on Friday that the heart needs oxygen to function. The role of the heart is in transporting oxygen-rich blood to other parts of the body. This oxygen gets to the heart only from the lungs. Corona virus infection directly affects the lungs. Oxygen level starts decreasing in many patients.

Lack of oxygen can also affect the heart in some patients. When this happens, the heart muscle has to work harder to pump oxygen-rich blood. Which has a direct effect on the tissue of the heart. In response to this, inflammation occurs in the body, but sometimes due to excessive inflammation, the heart muscle is affected badly. Heart beat may be rapid. This can reduce the ability of the heart to pump blood. Those who already have such a disease, the problem may increase in them.

Blood pressure patients, sugar and obese people have a higher risk of heart disease during corona disease. Many patients come to know about heart related problems while in the hospital. Many may be seen soon after returning home from the hospital and in one to three months or later. The more severe the corona patient is, the more the possibility of effect on the heart increases.

Variant of Infection from Rescue To take care caution

To prevent infection with any variant of the corona virus, it is important to use a mask, avoid going to crowded places and gain immunity through vaccination. This will greatly reduce the risk of virus infection. Viruses mainly enter our body through nose, mouth and eyes. If the virus does not get a place for infection, then it will gradually become inactive. In such a situation, infection can be avoided only with maximum vaccination and behavior according to the Kovid guidelines.

corona of heart On Impact happen or No how Know find

Difficulty in breathing, complaints of chest pain, sudden rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath even when sitting or walking 40 to 50 steps, very fast ie, normal 70-90 to above 115 Feeling of pulse loss intermittently, dizziness or fainting, numbness in legs, frequent eyes of Darkness in front
From this Rescue of for us What do needed:
Change up your routine. Go out for a walk in the morning and evening. If you have symptoms like cold, fever or cough, see a doctor. Eat fiber and protein rich food. Drink water more and more. Eat fruits and vegetables.

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