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Only 500 vaccines left in Ranchi, most centers have no vaccine board

  • Coveshield’s 2.5 lakh vaccines will come to 15, there is no hope before this

Once again the vaccination campaign in Jharkhand is about to come to a standstill. On Friday, one lakh vaccines of vaccine had arrived in the state. There were already 19 thousand left. Of these, 71,662 vaccines were used on Saturday. Only 47,688 vaccines are left on Saturday. This is not even half a day’s quota. These vaccines will be finished only by Sunday afternoon. The next consignment of two and a half lakh vaccines from Cavshield is going to arrive on July 15.

The state government has informed the Center and requested to provide additional vaccines. But, if there is no arrangement for vaccine till Sunday, then from Monday there will be a brake on the vaccination campaign. Earlier on Saturday too, at many centers, the vaccines were over in half a day. Vaccine bard was put up at many centers. There was uproar at many places on this. The vaccination of 18 plus has started in Jharkhand from May 14. Maximum 1.45 lakh vaccines have been administered in a day. The government wants to administer 3.5 lakh vaccines daily. But due to lack of vaccines, vaccination has almost stalled 10 times in the state in the last 56 days.

Only 500 vaccines left in Ranchi, most centers have no vaccine board

There are only 500 doses of vaccine left for Ranchi city. At the same time, 180 days are in stock in three blocks of rural areas and 20 in CCL. Vaccination Nadal Officer of Ranchi district Dr. Shashibhushan Khalkhae said that on Sunday only vaccination will be done in the AG office. At the same time, some vaccines will be administered through mobile vans. These vaccines will be finished within just half an hour. A total of 10547 people were vaccinated in Ranchi on Saturday. Most of the urban centers had ended the day at 12 o’clock.

Pleasant-Garhwa-Pakur Kareenamukt

There is good news for Jharkhand. On Saturday, the two districts of Garhwa and Pakur became Corona-free. Now there is no active patient here. On Saturday, 53,333 samples were tested in the state. Of these, 56 new infected were found, while 82 people were cured. None of the patients died. Now the total number of active patients in the state is 449.

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