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An agent from Pune had brought both of them here from Bangladesh without passport and visa in the name of getting jobs.

A husband and wife living in Bangladesh are forced to live in Faraskhana police station in Pune for the last two months. Both of them had come to Pune three years ago with the help of an agent and got caught by the police due to lack of complete documents here. The matter went to court and the court sentenced both of them to two years’ imprisonment. His sentence ended in June and after leaving Yerwada Jail, he came to the police station.

For the last two months, the Pune Police team has been continuously appealing to the Bangladesh High Commission to take them back, but due to the delay in paperwork, the matter is continuously pending. Inspector Rajendra Landge of Faraskhana police station said, “Mohammad Mandal and Majida Mandal are residents of Khulna district of Bangladesh. He had come to Pune on 26 June 2019 and was living in Budhwar Peth area. We got information that they have come to India without valid paper. After this our team arrested both of them under relevant sections. After the matter went to court, he was sentenced to 2 years. On June 14, their sentence has been completed and the court has asked the Pune Police to send them back to Bangladesh.

The cost of food for both is being raised by the police station itself.

The cost of food for both is being raised by the police station itself.

Policemen are bearing the full cost of living and food of both
Rajendra Landge further said that for two months we have been continuously contacting the Bangladeshi Embassy, ​​but no response has come from there. We are allowing them to stay in our campus following the order of the court. We are also arranging for their three team meals and two time snacks. The husband and wife offer prayers for two times in the police station itself. On the occasion of Bakrid, they were given new clothes by the police station. They have two children in Bangladesh and the couple wants to go back to them. We appeal to the Bangladesh High Commission to take an appropriate decision in this matter and help the couple to reach their homes safely.

Agent wanted to do business in red light area
Mohammad Mandal told that an agent had brought him from Bangladesh to Pune to get a job and locked him up by bringing him to a house in the red light area, ie Budhwar Peth area here. The agent wanted the woman to do business in the red light area of ​​Pune. When the woman refused, the agent threatened to send her to jail and somehow the matter reached the police. After that the police caught them.

Both husband and wife roam around the campus of the police station throughout the day.

Both husband and wife roam around the campus of the police station throughout the day.

Agent brought to India and asked for Rs 2 lakh
Majida said, ‘We had come here for a job leaving our two young children and got stuck here. Had we known, we would not have come here without a passport or visa. The agent brought us here and started asking for two lakh rupees. We didn’t have money and when we didn’t pay, he gave our information to the police. In our family only my husband was the breadwinner and he too is in jail for two and a half years. My children are suffering there and we want us to be sent back as soon as possible.

Agent is out of custody even after two years
Even after more than two years, the police could not trace the agent who had brought them to India. After leaving the jail, the husband and wife talked to their children through video call. During this both the children were crying a lot. According to Majida, both are living with a member of his family. The Mandal couple is very appreciative of this effort of the Pune Police and they hope that they will be able to go back to their homes soon.

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